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Olympic Moments

February 18, 2014

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 John Maxwell Leadership Awards

Every Olympic event has its moments of inspiration. One of this year’s, for me, was when Czech Republic slopestyle competitor Sarka Pancochov  took a chilling fall on landing. Everyone watched in frozen tension as she tumbled down the hill, tossed about like a rag doll. The audience gasped in unison as her back was twisted, first one way and then another, and her head forcefully hit the ground.


And then…she stopped. And she wasn’t moving.


The medical team rushed to her aid, and everyone feared the unthinkable. After a few moments, she stirred, motioned to them that she wanted to continue, and got back up on her board and finished.


While the videos managed to capture the fall, and the pictures are focusing on the impact that was so hard it caused her helmet to crack, what stands out to me is that…she got up and…finished! Talk about inspiring!


This week, I am privileged to be with some of the world’s greatest leaders. And I am especially excited about the awarding of the John Maxwell Leadership Award  (http://johncmaxwellawards.com/) .  I don’t know who the winner will be, but you can almost bet the winner and each of those in the running have had their “Olympic Moments” – those moments when they failed or stumbled – and then chose to get back up and finish. Because of those “Olympic Moments”, they are nominees for the award.


The greatest leaders I know are those who are real…who have made mistakes, fallen down, perhaps even gotten hurt…but who refuse to give up.  I respect all the Olympic athletes who train for years and are so incredibly disciplined, but I have to admit, I am INSPIRED by those who have overcome incredible obstacles to finish.


What will YOU do when your Olympic Moment comes?  Will you get up, finish, and inspire those who are looking to you for leadership?