Not Qualified or Not Passionate?

April 22, 2010

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

Meet Deb


Someone called me this week telling me that I should start a computer service company.  He’s quite talented in that area but is not comfortable venturing out as a business owner but thought I could run the company, and he would work for me.


Flattering discussion right?  


Sure, it feeds our voracious ego (well, ok, mine) when someone says that we can do something that we’ve not even thought of. 


I mean, sure earning more money “sounds” good right?


Who wouldn’t want to expand their empire?


(Alright, yes, the “empire” exists only in my mind, but a girl can dream, right?)


As for the qualification, well, if I have technical people who are the “experts’ and I’m merely the visionary and operating executive….hmmmm…..sound good?


Not to me, it doesn’t.   Here’s the thing.


I am not passionate about that business.  


For me, it’s not something I can get behind, it is not something I can see a vision for, it is not something that will move me.  Not that I have anything against that industry, to the contrary I need the community of experts, and I have had the opportunity to meet some incredibly gifted people in the field. 


You know what makes them gifted?  Their passion.  It’s not the fact that they can block a virus or add on some wiz bang tool that will make my life easier.  It is the fact that they love what they do and feel deeply about the way it can help their customers.


That is the thing that separates me from them in their industry, it is not my passion.


But here is my passion…I love seeing people come into the fullness of who they were created to be, through their strengths!  


I thrive on stories of parents who tell me after they’ve attended a “My Wired Style” workshop or webinar on how to develop and nurture their children’s strengths.  I feel my heart ready to burst at times when they report the side benefit of an improvement in the relationship they have with their children because of it.  


I get so excited when an adult, who participated in the “Discover My Best Focus” workshop, comes away with a clear picture of their strengths and how they can be used in a career or business.   


They are changed forever.  


The knowledge is imprinted on their brain and heart and they and generations to come bear the fruit of this powered up life!


That is what I’m passionate about!


People at any age, being who they were meant to be all along.


What are you passionate about?