Failure To Communicate

March 7, 2013

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ball and chain

We’ve all heard the line:  “What we have here is a failure to communicate”.  This is loosely quoted from the old movie Cool Hand Luke.  I smile when I hear that line – and will admit to having used it myself. I guess you could call me Cool Hand Deb. Actually, I’m more like the warden because I like to be in charge.


And that, really, is the point of my analogy.


Underlying the issues we have with other people is usually a failure to communicate. But underlying that is the REAL issue – we are different. And usually, at least one person wants to be the warden. We’re a mix of individuals – extroverts, introverts, people who love people, people who would rather be alone. There are the flamboyant and the practical, the laid-back and the go-getters, those who love to argue and those who just want peace. And we are expected to work together as a team!


Is there a way to work cohesively when your team is made up of diverse individuals?  Indeed, it is.  In fact, this can be an amazing dynamic if every team member learns to appreciate the strengths of others and communicate to them in their language.


So if you’re working with a team and, well, it’s just not working, join us Monday night. We’ll explore the various personalities and learn how you can communicate across the aisle.



“The Warden”

Join me and my co-host Cristina Cristea

on Monday night as we give you the keys to freely communicate with your team.