A Leader’s Deeper Path to Clarity – Newsletter 2/14/13


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A Leader’s Deeper Path to Clarity

I am very excited about our Leadership Insight guest for Monday, February 18. Kary Oberbrunner has a compelling life story and is using his experience to help others in phenomenal ways.
Kary and I met through our mutual friend and mentor John C. Maxwell and his heart to help leaders overcome hurts to move into the fullness of their potential is inspiring. 
Many of us face trials and challenges and feel the insecurities of life. In fact, insecurity is one of the biggest reasons clients come to me for help. It is a major hurdle.
As leaders it is important that we move into a deeper path to gain clarity, wisdom and experience that will guide our leadership journey as well as our teams. 
Where do you need to grow some leadership depth?
What is holding you back?
Do you really want to tackle it and move forward?
Then I hope you can join the call on Monday 9:30pm ET, as listening to Kary is always, always, always an inspiration to me. We’ll talk about going deep to get clarity.
Join us
you’ll be glad you did.  

We’ve started the Inner Circle Series
Leadership Gold
There is still time to join the Inner Circle!
We can help you make it happen!

Here Are A Few Of Our Inner Circle Mentoring Topics:

>    The Key Leadership Ingredient – If It’s Lonely At The Top You’re Not Doing Something Right.

>  Leading Your Most Difficult Follower…YOU

>  How To Rise To The Occasion of Defining Moments (I wish Lance Armstrong would be in this one!)

>  How To Handle Criticism

>  The Best Leaders Are Listeners, Here Is How To Do It Right

>  How To Move Into Your Strengths Zone And Stay 

>  How To Maintain Your Focus For Results

>  What To Do When You’ve Made A BIG Mistake

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Inner Cirlcle Mentoring Details

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A Leader’s Deeper Path to Clarity

February 18 – 9:30pm ET

Special Guest:

Kary Oberbrunner


The Dirty Truth About Leadership Attitudes

February 25th

9:30pm ET

Personal Responsibility in Leadership

March 4th

9:30pm ET


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