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I’m Revealing Who I’m Voting For

October 20, 2012

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It’s all over the press – the 2012 Presidential election, the debate over the debates, the discussion of issues.  Unless you’ve been exiled on a remote island somewhere, you have been exposed in some form or fashion to at least some of these discussions.


Well, I just decided that I’m going to announce who gets my vote.  Caution:  This may be controversial.  


I’ve decided that the person I will vote for is…



You see, this election all boils down to that.  We are a nation in need of someone to lead us through the challenges of the economy, productivity, and security.  It is a monumental task.


So here’s the question:  Who is the leader?


That is a matter of personal decision, which is the foundation of our constitutional right to vote.  The name you mark on the ballot is your choice, but I’m certain it will be the person you see as the one most eligible to lead.


The person who most meets these guidelines gets my vote.

1. A leader leads with wisdom.

2. A leader has confidence.

3. A leader has true humility.

4. A leader is an expert in his field.

5. A leader has a vision.

6. A leader has a plan.

7. A leader has a team.

8. A leader has a contagiously positive, hopeful outlook.

9. A leader has commitment

10.  A leader has compassion

11.  A leader can firmly take a stand, yet generously lend a hand.

12.  A leader has unshakeable core values.

13.  A leader has passion to make a difference and knowledge to carry it through.

14.  A leader can quickly assess a situation and make a solid decision.

15.  A leader offers no excuses.

16.  A leader thinks in terms of solutions, not problems

17.  A leader has integrity – he is a man of his word.

18.  A leader does what is best for his people and not just for himself.

19.  A leader is proactive, not reactive.

20.  A leader communicates clearly across all audiences.

21.  A leader is emotionally stable in times of crisis.

22.  A leader has a record of effective results.

23.  A leader knows how to achieve balance in life, health, finances, and business.

24.  A leader inspires.

25.  A leader takes action when no one else will.


I’m thinking you’re going to vote for the same person I am – THE LEADER.


If you were running for President, how would you measure up?  

You may not be in the running to lead a country, but you are the leader to someone in your world.  If you were running for election, would your followers vote for you?




  1. TiJa says:

    Love it, believe it, stand by it, want more to realize it and did I say; LOVE IT