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I would be honored to work with you, here is what some others have said about their experience.  


“Deb Ingino has a gift for helping people discover strengths they never realized they had and for cutting to the chase with ideas on how to use those strengths to accomplish what they never thought they could. I have a very short list of “life-changers”, and she is on it.

It is with great pleasure that I provide this endorsement of her coaching and speaking services.”

Brenda Dunagan  –  www.7chapters.com

“I am grateful for Deb Ingino and her Executive Coaching program. Every expectation I had for our coaching sessions was greatly exceeded. Deb is masterful in DISC wired styles. She is an accomplished professional and entrepreneur with a thorough understanding of business that makes her highly effective and relevant. It is clear that Deb is living out her true calling and has perfected her craft. Her commitment to my success (both business and personal) was exemplary. I came out of our coaching sessions with a better understanding of myself, a direction for my career, a business plan, and a new friend who has gone the extra mile to ensure that I succeed. I highly recommend Deb Ingino.”

Dave Johnson CEO Harvest Advisory Group

“Deb was a featured speaker at a free agency conference we attended. My husband and I quickly realized why the conference organizers (wisely) hired Deb to oversee the “You” segment of their career coaching/training. In this segment, each participant was led through the DISC personality profile in conjunction with Deb’s “My Wired Style” training as the foundational piece of establishing our own free agency.
Deb is not only a phenomenal, very engaging presenter that has her material down cold, she is a truly caring person that takes the time to make sure questions are answered and needs are addressed.
Since meeting Deb at this conference, we have had the pleasure of getting to know her through other business endeavors and I can attest, she is the real deal.”

Jenette McEntire  Co-Owner at Color My Bath

“Deb helped me figure out my “wiring” in 2010. Deb’s process goes far beyond the DISC profile to reveal how your personality, passions, and strengths have been present in your life all along. I really enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone who wrestling with career/life direction challenges.”

Alison Brown

“Deb understands that you first must understand yourself before you can maximize your full potential. Her passion and ability to connect with others really comes through loud and clear. Along with Deb’s amazing heart, her expertise and experience really separates her from the rest…” 

Gregg PechmannCEO, Fighting Back Financially

“I’ve worked closely alongside Deb for several years now, and intimately know her ability to cultivate the strengths that should blossom from each person’s inherent gifting. That’s SO important for organizations that desire to not only compete, but rather dominate their market sectors leveraging the only thing that makes businesses truly extraordinary …. their people. In today’s world approaching almost complete transparency yet full of noise, how can a company afford to not separate itself from the pack?

Deb Ingino is what I call your “Extraordinary Factor”.   She’ll help you achieve it pronto … from the inside out.”

Chuck BowenCEO, Saddleback Leather Company, LLC

“Deb is a true professional and a master at helping others uncover what their strengths are by taking them step by step, through her highly effective workshops and seminars. I give Deb Ingino my highest recommendation.

Jeff BatsonMusician, worship leader, Church

“I love knowing Deb Ingino. Her spirit resonates all the way across the states as a genuine person that truly desires to serve with all her heart. She has a natural spark with helping others understand how they are wired, bringing that to life, and will make anybody live more fully in their strengths towards their potential.”

Rob Clinton, Coach/ Speaker/ Writer, 180 Career Coaching

“I met Deb via the 212 Connection coaching group started by Dan Miller. Deb is an expert in helping people discover their strengths and leading them to a life they were meant to have. When Deb hired me to implement an online assessment tool for My Wired Style, I was blown away by the quality of the materials she has developed to help others succeed. If you want to maximize your strengths, I highly recommend you work with Deb to ensure success.”

Dan BartramSoftware Developer, FusionComputing, Inc.

“Deb will help you discover and better understand your strengths and “wired style”. But more importantly you will absolutely love the journey. She makes it a blast.”

Jack Lynady 

“Deb is an excellent Life/Career Coach, and since I have known her, has also become a genuine friend that will go to unbelievable lengths to insure everyone around her, with any ambition in them at all, wins at life!That is one major component to Deb’s extemely successful career. Deb is now helping me discover some things in life that I wish I had discovered LONG ago. While I am in awe of her encouragement and wisdom, I am also seeing a lady with a heart to help others reach their fullest potential. Thank you Deb for all you do, and if for some strange reason I don’t reach “my” full potential after you’ve invested your valuable time in me, it will be because of my own lack of self-confidence. However, I am VERY optimistic that through Deb’s coaching expertise and confidence in me, the results and testimonies will be extrememly positive! Yes… life IS good! Thanks Deb Ingino for making a huge difference in this world.”

Archie Winningham 

“Deb has amazing insight into people’s wiring and can help you understand your strengths and wiring in ways that make you say ‘Wow, that is me!’  If you have a vague idea how you’re wired to act and your strengths, but just can’t bring it all together, Deb can help you achieve clarity.” 

Justin Hughes

“Deb has an amazing ability to immediately connect with people and understand their heart. I’ve never seen anyone do it as quickly and as passionately as she does. Understanding personalities is an invaluable skill when you’re trying to figure out next steps and Deb is the person to do it.”

Justin LukasavigeStorywriter | Radio Host | Author of “Become a Coach” | Social Media & Business Coach, Lukas Coaching