Everyone has or once had a dream.
Some have realized their dream, some are working towards their dream and others have given up frustrated and defeated.
I wouldn’t want to stay there and I don’t want you to either.
This interactive workshop is about you.
Your goal, your idea, your dream.
Together we’ll help you to realistically answer the 10 Questions to help you to:

Put Your Dream To The Test


This will be held on 3 consecutive Tuesday nights beginning January 7th at 8pm est.  It will be an online, interactive workshop and mentoring program led by Deb Ingino.  I will help you to answer these 10 questions about Your Dream.


1 – The Ownership Question – Is your dream really your dream or does it belong to someone else?

2 – The Clarity Question – A clear dream makes a general idea specific enough for action.

3 – The Reality Question – Match your strengths to your dream.

4 – The Passion Question – Passion pulls us up, enabling us to overcome adversity.

5 – The Pathway Question – Developing your pathway to your dream enables you to reach your potential.

6 – The People Question – Developing the right team for your dream.

7 – The Cost Question – Dreams are free but the journey is not.  What will your dream cost?

8 – The Tenacity Question – To move closer to your dream, recognize that quitting is more about who you are than where you are.

9 – The Fulfillment Question – Fulfilled people realize the difference between a dream and its realization.

10 – The Significance Question – Will my dream be significant.


To maximize our time together, there is a limited number of seats.  Each week we will provide you with the materials  and the weekly dial in information.  This is a fully facilitated workshop centered around YOU, so be sure to bring your obstacles and questions to each call.



The price is $199 but the value is priceless!  Click Here To Register


Register before January 4th Bonus:   One 1:1 Coaching Call with Deb Ingino