Team Strengths Mapping

Accelerate Your Growth By Discovering Each Team Member’s Unique Strengths!

The most successful companies in the world today are Strengths based; that is they find and leverage the key strengths of each of their players.  Our Team Strengths Mapping Process takes each team member through an online assessment providing them a full view of their strengths and motivators as individuals.  Then, our team mapping process, provides your organization with a 360 view of the entire team and we lead you through the discovery of how you can accelerate your growth, in your industry, with your team.

Here is what you can expect from this process:

It creates the foundation for your organization to move to a Strengths Based Organization
> Individual team member will gain new insight into the strengths they can contribute and so will you
> Direct application of a ‘linchpin’ mindset to each position, you will know what motivates each individual on your team
> You team will be equipped and motivated to collaborate and work toward results
> Accelerate the growth towards your objectives and vision



Your Team Has Strengths, now let’s discover them!

Contact Deb Ingino  for a no fee consultation to see if your organization is right for a Strengths Based Initiative.