Strategic Sipping

Once you have watched this video in it’s entirety, go back to the :34 second mark.

See what he did?  He changed up his energy from a reaction to a reflection through the use of what I teach my clients. I call it

“The Strategic Sipping Technique”  
When you and I are in meetings, we will likely have those moments, where something ticks us off and we are ready to react. When we arm ourselves with something as simple as a bottle of water or cup of coffee and sip as soon as they finish, we allow our reaction to be disrupted and we can train our mind to instead focus on the best response which will serve our goal, not distract us from it. As leaders, when we mature in our level of leadership we tend to move away from reaction to thoughtful, strategic responses. We may not always get it right but this help to increase the likelihood.

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