Shark Tank



Deb Ingino – The Shark


Well not the fish,  however I am thrilled to be on the same platform as Dan Miller, Chuck Bowen, Pierce Marrs, Michael Hyatt, Joanne Miller, Chad Jeffers and others at the Innovate Event this week!  I’ll be a Shark in the Shark Tank segment!

If you’ve have never watched this TV program, it’s a forum for inventors and entrepreneurs to present their business to  the sharks who then evaluate their business idea and decide if they are willing to invest in the business for a % of equity.

Of course the first step is the entrepreneur displaying how willing they are to invest in themselves and their business.

What about me and you?

Are we willing to invest on ourselves and others?

Willing to invest a little time in yourself tonight?

If you’re free join us tonight for our Live Leadership Webcast which features the key to leadership.  

9:30pm ET

Here’s the link

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