Q1W Center For Excellence

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New Employee Orientation

Welcome to our team!  In this training we’ll share our history, vision, values and all of the important information you’ll need to get started right. (Provided by Human Resources at time of hiring.)

Become a R.E.A.L. Success at Quality One Wireless

Success at Quality One Wireless means keeping 4 Key things REAL. In this training you’ll learn the 4 key’s for you to focus on so you can become a success with our team. Click Here

Collaboration With Our Strengths

Working together to deliver great results is a cornerstone of our success.  In this training you will learn more about how to connect and collaborate with the members of your team. Click here.

Observational Selling Tips (Password Required)

If you’re in sales, the fact is that our customer will show us everything we need to know to sell successfully to them IF we pay attention to their cues.  In this training you’ll learn the 4 primary observation categories and how to use them to connect your customers to the best products and services in the wireless industry today! Click Here

The Heart of Leadership (Password Required)

This training is focused on helping our leaders across the company focused on how they can increase their ability to help their team to deliver great results. Click Here