Would you like to join me and a group of your peers in this mastermind?

Here’s what you need to do next. 

Send me an email to Deb@StrengthLeader.com with your name, email address and whether you are an
___Aspiring Entrepreneur
___Existing Business Owner
___New In A Leadership Role
___ Wednesday night or Saturday morning call works best in your schedule
I’m volunteering my time, you volunteer your attention and together we can help increase each other’s potential!
I’m limiting this to 10 seats for each session so we can ensure everyone gets the most out of the 7 weeks, so be sure to email me quickly.
I‘ll confirm back to you within 72 hours with a confirmation and the link to the call.  It’s that simple!
In August  I spent time with John Maxwell and his wonderful wife Margaret at their home, I better understand why he wrote this book, who he wrote this book for and the power of iron sharpening iron  in leadership as well as in other areas of our businesses and our lives.
For many of us there is a business, ministry or area of life focus that is not quite at the level we envisioned and The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership helps us to in fact, ‘Lift The Lid’ on how we move in this area so we can move into our potential in that area.
Having both been a participant and run several of these groups, I see the perspective and new level of awareness and thinking it brings.  
I’d love to share some insight that I’ve learned from John on leadership and how leaders ‘think.’   Leadership is influence and the best way to increase your influence in an area is to in fact lift the lid on your leadership.  This mastermind group will be a great leap forward for you!

Deb Ingino