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 Meet Your Mentors:

Trudy Menke – A Sales Executive from the direct selling industry who brings insight from a communication and marketing perspective.







Kim Borrelli – A former Chief Learning Officer to as many as 2500, Kim’s speciality is the ‘Mind, Mood and Attitude’ required for Leadership.








Deb Ingino – With over 2 decades of corporate leadership, I am the CEO of Strength Leader Development LLC, the founder of My Wired Style and a Professor at Free Agent Academy.  I am an  experienced Coach and Speaker I am committed to helping you discover and lead from your strengths.



Integrity In Business Statement:  If for any reason you feel the value of the mentoring you receive is not greater than the value you paid, simply email Brenda@StrengthLeader.com and we will make every attempt to blow your mind with value and if we can not, we will refund your subscription.  
Our goal is simple.  To fill this world with leaders operating in their strengths. 


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