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  Eighteen years ago, the world watched in horror as the unfathomable events of 9-11 played out in real time. First, there was incredulity – “Did this really happen?” Then, silence. Silence on the airwaves. Silence in the office buildings. Silence in the skies. Stunned…silence. And then, the world sprang into action. In the worst […]

The Worst of Times and the Best of People

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What is collaboration? The word “collaboration” essentially means “co-laboring” – or “working together.” What are the signs of non-collaboration in the workplace? While “working together” seems like a very simple concept, we are often called on to help leaders whose teams are not working together. This surfaces as in-fighting, cliquishness, lower levels of productivity, apathy, […]

5 Causes of Division in the Workplace


It was a hot July day at the beach. Families and friends were enjoying the evening sun, and many were splashing in the tepid waters off Panama City Beach. Until… Someone noticed people in the water, screaming for help. It was quickly apparent that these individuals were caught in a riptide. Someone else yelled, “Form […]

Team Against the Rip Tide – Getting Your Team to Pull Together


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