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  You have, no doubt, heard the phrase, “Born Leader.” In fact, if you are a D-wired personality, you may have heard it said often of you. While it is true that some personalities are more geared to lead than others, those who truly lead and change lives are those who, as John Maxwell says, […]

Three Facets of Leadership Development

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This series of “Lessons from Al” is dedicated to the life and legacy of one of the most influential mentors in my life, career, and management, Al Berg. Whether it was a conscious effort or not, Al managed to create a very unique culture. It was like a company mixed with the fervent conviction of […]

Create Your Culture


Let’s suppose there are two teams. One team is highly focused on the goal, and they work together with that goal in mind. While each individual has unique and diverse strengths, they collaborate well on initiatives, each contributing their respective talents to the projects at hand. The other team has ambiguous goals, and on most […]

How to Turn Around a Dysfunctional Team


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