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On the second Monday of December, in small businesses across the country, some variation of this conversation tends to occur. Leader to Team: “I am excited! I finished my planning this weekend. I’d like to launch this new program on January 1. We have three weeks, which I know is more than enough time. And […]

Do You Have a 13-week Plan?

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As a leader who is naturally gifted with the ability to push things forward swiftly in the pursuit of goals, there was one very important lesson I had to learn early on in my career, taught to me by a beloved mentor. That lesson centered on not only being an effective leader, but just as […]

Considerate Leaders


  There is something every leader will face sooner or later…and probably sooner than later. That something is resistance. What can you do when your team resists change, doesn’t want to get involved, or holds their ground when they should be moving forward? In a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast, John Maxwell talked about six of […]

Six Ways to Handle Resistance


  In a previous article, we talked about the need for a leader to balance confidence and humility. But what if your struggle is not with balance but in having any confidence at all? It is normal for everyone to experience periods of lack of confidence. But if your struggle with this is ongoing, this […]

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